Talk To Me’s Sophie Wilde Is A High Schooler Catching Up On Life Experiences In Netflix’s Everything Now – Watch The Trailer

Everything Now

by Tom Nicholson |
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If you saw the Aussie possession horror Talk To Me this summer, you’ll know two things: firstly, not to mess around with freaky ceramic hands which allow you to commune with the dead, fun as it might seem; and secondly, that Sophie Wilde is a very, very exciting actor. She’s in Netflix’s new high school drama series Everything Now, the first trailer for which has just dropped and which looks like the perfect thing to fill that Sex Education-shaped hole in your heart once it ends with Season 4. It’s all about 16-year-old Londoner Mia, who’s just coming out of hospital after a long, long time recovering from and learning to manage anorexia. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall,” Wilde’s Mia mutters to herself. “Please give me a fucking break.” See what happens from there here:

As she goes on to explain, Mia only wants to “go back to school and see my friends and just be normal again”. But there’s else going on here: everything and everyone seems to have changed in the time she’s been away. Suddenly, people are snogging and sleeping together and partying and being extremely typical 17-year-olds. One of her mates explains that she’s hanging out with a boy because he’s got access to the good weed. “There are… multiple weeds?” Mia stammers. So, feeling left behind, Mia decides to take charge of the situation by writing a bucket list of stuff she wants to get done in order to catch up: sex, drinking, clubbing, breaking the law, anything she can think of that she hasn’t tried yet. Tangles will, inevitably, ensue.

Fingers crossed she doesn’t start lighting candles and allowing the souls of the deceased to leap into her too. You’re better off strawpedo-ing bottles of WKD, Mia. Everything Now comes to Netflix from 5 October.

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