Talk To Me Sequel In The Works

Talk To Me

by James White |
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Fans of one of this year's best horrors, Talk To Me, prepare to be happy – all your pleas to the spirits beyond (whether through a weird embalmed/encased hand or other methods) for a follow-up have been heard. We now know it'll be called Talk 2 Me And original directors Danny and Michael Philippou will return to make it!

Talk To Me has been a bona fide hit so far for A24: while $22 million in the States and a worldwide total of $26 million might not be Barbie numbers, don't forget that the movie was shot for $4.5 million.

The film, which sees teens using a creepy hand to connect with the dead for thrills and social media posts (only for those beyond to not stay so… beyond) offered plenty of opportunities for continuation. In fact, in talking up the prequel they have already shot and plan to release in some form, the directors did drop mention of ideas for a second movie.

Danny Philippou is already writing the screenplay with Bill Hinzman (who co-wrote the original), but plot details have yet to be revealed. Still, expect more grounded, human horror to be lurking on to our screens once it can actually be made – but find the logo below...

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