Ryan Reynolds Shares Fake Deadpool 3 Leaks After Set Photos Emerge

Deadpool 3 – Ryan Reynolds fake leak

by Ben Travis |
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You might have heard this week that Deadpool 3, now shooting again, has been hit by some leaks – people getting an early peek at Wade Wilson’s upcoming third outing while its creators are still busy shooting the film. Well, you won’t read about any of those here. But what you will read about is how Ryan Reynolds is combatting those leaks – by sharing his very own on social media. And in true Reynolds style, he is gloriously taking the piss on this one. In a Twitter thread, he shared a bunch of ridiculous doctored set photos, showing the likes of the Predator and Mickey Mouse crashing the set of Mr. Pool’s MCU debut.

The aim here? For enough people to share these fake Deadpool 3 leaks, that it scrubs the real ones off the internet. Come on, people – we can wait a little longer and enjoy it all on the big screen next summer as intended, can’t we? Reynolds posts come after he shared a statement on Instagram earlier this week, imploring sites and social media channels not to share information that wasn’t meant to become public knowledge while the film is still in production:

Ryan Reynolds – Deadpool 3 leaks statement

He’s not wrong – leaks might keep the internet turning for a few hours, but seismic surprises in these kinds of movies are always best experienced on opening night. We’ll find out exactly what Deadpool 3bringing back Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, with Shawn Levy on directorial duties – has in store on 26 July 2024.

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