Ryan Reynolds Teases Hugh Jackman’s Return As Wolverine For Deadpool 3

Deadpool and Wolverine (comp)

by James White |
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Big, and significantly hairy news from Team Deadpool today, as Ryan Reynolds – the man (usually) in the suit who plays the Merc with a Mouth – took to his social media channels for a big announcement. Wade Wilson's debut in the MCU with Deadpool 3 will feature no less a character than Hugh Jackman's Wolverine!

Though it at first seemed like notorious wag Reynolds was joking about the whole thing, Jackman shows up, and when asked by Reynolds if he'll play Wolverine one more time, he casually replied, "Yeah, sure Ryan" as he walked up a flight of stairs.

The video has since been shared by Jackman and Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy (who has worked with Jackman in the past too), so we can all be confident this is actually happening. Wolverine is back for one more movie! Will he show up for one scene? Will there be a multiverse aspect? How many jokes about the claws can Wade make in one scene alone? And will this tarnish the legacy of Logan's death in, well, Logan? Ah, probably, but we'll all have a good laugh in the meantime.

Reynolds' video ends with what appears to be the new movie's release date – 6 September, 2024.

Meanwhile: X-Men in the MCU CONFIRMED!

Oh, and someone involved with Logan (co-writer/producer/director James Mangold in fact) quickly took to trolling the idea...

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