Full Trailer For Mike Flanagan’s The Midnight Club

The Midnight Club

by James White |
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With Halloween creeping ever closer (though if you look in supermarkets, Christmas is quickly following behind it), a new miniseries from The Haunting Of Hill House and Midnight Mass overseer Mike Flanagan is just what we need to send a chill down the spine. The full trailer for his latest, The Midnight Club, has arrived.

The Midnight Club, drawn from Christopher Pike's 1994 YA novel, follows a group of seven young adults living in hospice care at Rotterdam House with terminal illnesses. Every night at midnight, the group meets up to tell each other spooky stories.

They make a deal: When the first of the group dies, that person will try to communicate with the others from the beyond the grave. Guess how well that turns out…

Horror icon Heather Langenkamp plays the doctor overseeing the kids, and repeat Flanagan collaborators Zach Gilford, Samantha Sloyan, Annarah Cymone and Igby Rigney all feature in the cast.

“His work was hugely formative for me,” Flanagan told us exclusively in the latest Empire. “He wrote some pretty advanced stuff for his younger readers, and it was not at all uncommon for his teenage characters to die, pretty shockingly. His books were full of things I found really exciting and thrilling and dark. So I became a bit of an addict.” For more from Flanagan, head here (or buy the Glass Onion issue before it leaves shelves).

Draw those curtains and get ready for frights when The Midnight Club lands on Netflix on 7 October.

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