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Sci-fi is the genre that keeps on giving. It brings us visions of technoscape futures and takes us to mind-altering far-off galaxies. Want to bring the dynamism, style and atmosphere of your favourite sci-fi films to your own home? That, my friend, is the correct choice.

You’re a normal human not an intergalactic bounty hunter, so you need a sci-fi vibe that’s sophisticated, stylish and functional. Done well it looks badass and ticks all the cinephile boxes.

You’ve got to get it right. You don’t want your front room to look like Watto’s junk shop but going too minimal with a gigantic 2001 monolith isn't the answer either. Keep it subtle and you can impress the true fans – those who know, know, you know?

To offer a helping hand here’s a list offering up a varied selection of products which will add that oh-so important atmosphere to any room.

Bonus Pro Tip - Lighting is the secret to that pure sci-fi sheen.

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Best Sci-Fi Home Accessories

Dune Conceptual Poster1 of 18

Dune Conceptual Poster

This high-concept print perfectly captures the multi-faceted tale of Dune. Ideal for any sci-fi fan's office or living room.

Horse Head 3D Illusion Lamp, £10.992 of 18

Horse Head 3D Illusion Lamp

Our equine friends have a strong history in the sci-fi genre. In Christopher Priest's The Inverted World, horses are a primary tool for desolate desert exploration. In William Gibson's cyberpunk Sprawl series, horses are extinct and considered beautifully mythical. In P.K Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, basically all animals are extinct and have been replaced by artificial trophy pieces. Hopefully all this'll never happen, but what it does mean is that this light taps right into some serious sci-fi DNA.

Blade Runner Whiskey Glasses (Pair), £119.953 of 18

Blade Runner Whiskey Glasses (Pair)

Fulfil a lifelong fantasy and become Deckard, even if it's just for one drink. You've had a hard day retiring replicants, now close the shutter, raise a toast to Angela and sip from a glass with brooding intensity. You could even finish off the look with Blade Runner Decanter.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems PVTERB VT-E Vertical Turntable, £262.524 of 18

Pro-Ject Audio Systems PVTERB VT-E Vertical Turntable

Vinyl is cool because its old-school. Vertical record players are cool because they are futuristic. Put them together and you've got yourself a retrofuturistic sci-fi sound system, perfect for some Awesome Mix Vol 1 levity or channelling Nostromo vibes with the Alien soundtrack LP.

Edifier R1700BT Bookshelf Speaker with Bluetooth5 of 18

Edifier R1700BT Bookshelf Speaker with Bluetooth

Much like the record player, the blend of analogue and wireless tech crammed inside a natural material casing gives some string retrofuture energy, and the subtle geometric slice on the bottom sits somewhere in-between a Jawa Sandcrawler and Deckard's whiskey tumbler. Just make sure they're on a floating shelf to complete the look.

Dune Arrakis Spice Coffee Coasters6 of 18

Dune Arrakis Spice Coffee Coasters

Stay awake, stay alert. Become a living computer and look through space-time. How about that for a morning pick-me-up?

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug, £79.997 of 18
CREDIT: Photo:

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

We truly have reached the pinnacle of tech. Is there is anything more simultaneously British and sci-fi than a smart mug that's sole purpose is to keep your tea warm? The future is now.

Blade Runner 2049 Officer Ku2019s Spinner Replica Prop License Plate, £11.958 of 18

Blade Runner 2049 Officer K’s Spinner Replica Prop License Plate

Some people collect plates from around the world, some people collect plates from the future. This crisp and chic plate adds an air of sci-fi intrigue to any room. Like we said, those who know, know.

Kepler-16b NASA Vision of The Future Poster, £7.959 of 18

Kepler-16b NASA Vision of The Future Poster

Keplar-16b is a real place, a planet with two suns. That's right, it's a real-life Tatooine. Space and NASA knowledge – confirmed. Star Wars and Sci-Fri guru credentials – confirmed.

The SEGA Star Theatre Planetarium Flux10 of 18

The SEGA Star Theatre Planetarium Flux

What's more sci-fi than projecting 60,000 stars from the northern hemisphere into your living room? If that doesn't cut it, you could always switch the slide, and transport yourself to the Andromeda Galaxy. Check out our rundown of the Flux here.

Neon Standing Tube Light11 of 18

Neon Standing Tube Light

Neon light is a quick and effective way of earning that sci-fi look. Get a couple, throw them in the corner and spin a disco tune, Ex Machina style. Combine them with a hexagonal backlight wall and LED border lighting to complete Nathan's bunker-house aesthetic.

Bestland Digital Large Big Jumbo LED Clock, £25.9912 of 18

Bestland Digital Large Big Jumbo LED Clock

This retrofuturistic statement is pure 80's sci-fi - think Snake Plissken's life-counter or Predator's clock (if you squint). Set this up on your sideboard or wall-mount to nail that understated yet strong minimalistic sci-fi look. You could even glance over to it in panic when friends are over for the full effect.

The Electric State by Simon Stu00e5lenhag13 of 18

The Electric State by Simon Stålenhag

Set in a post-apocalyptic 1997, retro-futuristic artist Simon Stålenhag's artbook-slash-novel The Electric State is not only a brilliant read but adds that certain je ne sais quoi to a sci-fi living room sideboard.

TO:KY:OO by Liam Wong14 of 18

TO:KY:OO by Liam Wong

Liam Wong's midnight adventures on the neon lit streets of Tokyo are laced with aesthetics akin to the best cyberpunk movies. A pure delight and another worthy addition to the sci-fi sideboard that isn't only for display purposes.

Chinese Neon Light Sign, £65.6615 of 18

Chinese Neon Light Sign

Neon signs shining through the black night is sci-fi. If that neon sign is in an Eastern language, you've got yourself some cyberpunk. It's an incredible aesthetic that deserves to be adopted. In case you wondered, this sign is advertising jiaozi – Chinese dumplings.

Infinity LED Coffee Table16 of 18

Infinity LED Coffee Table

It doesn't get much more sci-fi than LEDs and infinity. This table offers a clean and serene look, reminiscent of Jango Fett's apartment on Kamino in Attack Of The Clones.

Google Home Hub17 of 18

Google Home Hub

Whether set in near fear or distant galaxies, touch screen panels are a ubiquitous sci-fi staple. Getting a Google Home Hub will be the start of more automation inside your home, with security cameras, heating and smartphones all linking up. Plus, we're right in the sweet spot for this tech – it exists for our convenience, and it doesn't have enough control to go full HAL 9000 on us.

Sonos Beam Compact Smart Soundbar with Amazon Alexa Voice Control, £369.0018 of 18

Sonos Beam Compact Smart Soundbar with Amazon Alexa Voice Control

Sci-fi films are renowned for their epic soundtracks. A sound bar gives Hans Zimmer and John Williams the presence they deserve, filling the room and taking you to a galaxy far, far away. You can hook it up to your TV, Spotify, or link it to an Amazon Alexa device for voice control and that real sci-fi finishing touch.

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