Logitech G915 TKL LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Keyboard Review

Logitech G915 TKL LIGHTSPEED review

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Verdict: The Logitech G915 TKL is an excellent product at the bleeding edge of gaming keyboard technology. The G915 TKL feels like it’s leading the industry into new and exciting territory. Its thoughtfully planned and flawlessly executed low-profile design takes a moment to get used to, but soon reveals its power to enhance gamer comfort and speed.

Now available from Amazon UK and Logitech G. RRP £199.

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The Rundown

The Logitech G915 TKL mechanical gaming keyboard is said to be a “breakthrough in design and engineering”. The keyboard is a meeting point for two of Logitech’s most recent developments: the low-profile GL switches, and LIGHTSPEED “pro-grade” wireless. The G915 TKL also features a specialised low-profile body, long-life battery, Bluetooth connectivity, RGB lighting, and macro key storage.

The Experience

The G915 TKL features Logitech’s GL mechanical switches, which offer all the benefits of a standard gaming switch at half of the height and boast an actuation distance of only 1.5mm. The low-profile GL switches are topped with an equally low-profile cap to match. This combination is unconventional, and the result is astounding.


The reviewer has been a steadfast standard mechanical switch user for many years, and though it took a few hours to get used to the reduced depth, they found that the low-profile design allowed for a quick and easy keystrokes that operated well in both day-to-day PC use, and proved responsive when gaming across several genres.

Our tester keyboard was carrying the GL Tactile switch, which is the range’s equivalent to the Cherry MX Brown. We don't doubt that the FPS and competitive nature of these switches also aided in the smooth and rapid performance of the keyboard.

Across the top of the G915 TKL, you’ll find eight soft-touch buttons and a metal roller. The four buttons on the right are dedicated media controls, and the roller bar allows for quick, on-the-fly volume adjustment.

The two leftmost buttons control the wireless connection, allow the user to switch between the 1ms LIGHTSPEED connection and a regular Bluetooth connection. This adds great versatility to the G915 TKL, as it can be connected to multiple devices, including tablets and smartphones. Next to these controls, there’s the Game Mode button, which deactivates the Windows key for disruption-free gaming, and an RGB brightness control.


Function keys F1 through to F4 can be used to store personalised profiles, controlling macros and RGB settings, which are set via Logitech’s simple-yet-powerful G Hub software and can be saved to onboard memory.

The low-profile key and switches are not the only area where Logitech has taken the chance to slim things down. The total height of the G915 TLK is just 22mm – that’s 12mm shorter than Logitech’s Pro X TKL, and nearly half that of the SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL at 40.44mm. When you consider that both of these other models are wired, you’re sure to realise Logitech’s impressive achievement with the G915 TKL, as it's also carrying a battery and wireless tech.

Anticipating some users’ preference for a more severe ramped position, Logitech has included two riser-feet on the underside, allowing the keyboard to be positioned at a four or eight-degree angle, adding up to 15mm to the highest point.


Amazingly, the ultra-thin profile of the 915 TKL hasn’t meant sacrificing any of the advantages typically associated with bulkier keyboards. The aluminium, steel, and plastic case is robust and stable, negating bounce and flex even on the highest position setting. Like all quality mechanical keyboards, it’s heavy, weighing over 800g. This weight, combined with the ample rubber footing, keeps the board in position on the desk all day long.

Which is good, because you won’t want to leave the keyboard alone once you get hold of it. All of the effort and consideration that has gone into making the G915 TKL a truly compact and low-profile keyboard has paid off. While it takes a moment to get used to using a mechanical keyboard which requires you to use half of the amount of movement, as usual, the ergonomics and functionality of the device shine through to show themselves as truly valuable.

The LIGHTSPEED Connection

Wireless connections have long been a bone of contention in the gaming community. While the absence of wires is a liberating and hassle-free experience for some, many are cautious, fearing the game-costing effects of excessive latency, patchy connections, and ran-down batteries. Logitech’s 2.5 GHz LIGHTSPEED wireless technology seeks to right these wrongs by offering a performance that is reported to be incredibly stable, and at times faster than its cabled competition. In our experience with the G915 TKL, we’d have to agree.


While we were unable to verify the reporting speed during our test, we felt no drop-off in performance from our wired mechanical keyboard. There was never a drop in signal, either, with our LIGHTSPEED connection holding strong from boot to shut down. The battery’s advertised runtime of 40-hours at full brightness seems accurate too – we ran it on 50% for around 55 hours, and never required a recharge.

The keyboard comes with a 1.8m braided micro-USB connection for recharging when the time does come, though we’d have expected to see the much-quicker USB-C connection that’s found in Logitech’s standard keyboard range with products in the MX Master series.


Logitech G915 TKL LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Keyboard

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Also available from Logitech G (£199) and Currys PC World



LIGHTSPEED wireless is Logitech’s high-performance wireless technology, designed from the ground up to deliver a strong, stable, and latency-free performance. Thanks to the implementation of its data pipeline, the 2.5GHz connection is advertised to achieve speeds faster than those of a wired device.

GL Mechanical Switches

The GL mechanical switches are Logitech’s industry-leading low-profile gaming switches, coming in at half the height of their traditional counterparts. The range includes to GL Linear, GL Clicky, and GL Tactile (tested).

Ten-Keyless Layout

The Logitech G915’s ten-keyless (TKL) design adds reinforces its compact nature, allowing the device’s length to measure in at only 368mm. For those looking for a full-size keyboard, the Logitech G915 offers the same features with the additional keys.


Logitech states that the G915 TKL’s battery can perform for up to 40 hours with 100% brightness. Charging is achieved via a 1.8m USB cable, and play can continue while the keyboard is plugged in.

Logitech G Hub

Logitech G-HUB is the software suite, acting as a command centre for the user’s wider gaming experience with Logitech G products. In addition to RGB control, the G Hub allows the user to assign keys, commands, and macros, build app-specific keyboard configurations, and synchronise settings across other Logitech G-range peripherals.

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