The Best Board Games For Kids

Best Board Games for Kids - Villainous, Throw Burrito, Pokemon Monopoly, Dino Island

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It’ll come as no surprise that we think movies, TV shows and video games are excellent, but even we admit that sometimes a break from the screen is needed - especially for kids. But that doesn’t mean that they, their friends and the rest of the family can’t have fun.

Board games are top of the pile when entertaining kids, mixing up challenge and cooperation, strategy and planning with a little friendly competition. Often, when people think of kids' board games, they imagine snakes and ladders or some ‘junior’ versions of classic board games like Monopoly and Scrabble. Well, we’re here to tell you there’s a lot more on offer than that - so we’ve rounded up an exciting and varied mix of the very best board games for kids that are perfect for family games night.

Our selection includes video game spin-offs, superhero adventures and laugh-a-minute card games. We’ve also included a couple of games that are just as beloved by mature board gamers that are suitable for older kids. There’s a healthy mix of skill, strategy and luck brought together here, but whichever you choose, it’s going to please the whole family.

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The Best Board Games For Kids

Disneyu2019s Villainous1 of 10

Disney’s Villainous

Villainous has Disney's bad guys stepping up to bat, with the likes of Ursula, Captain Hook, Maleficent and Jafar striving to complete evil deeds. Look out for the expansion packs Wicked To The Core, Infinite Power and Perfectly Wretched to add extra characters. Not great for reinforcing to virtues of good behaviour, but huge fun.Players: 2-6Playtime: 50minsAge: 10+

Minecraft Builders and Biomes2 of 10

Minecraft Builders and Biomes

Ravensburger and Mojang have joined forces to bring Minecraft's block-building joys to the real world. Adventure across the Overworld in this game of strategy and structures, where mining and building with blocks is just as important as defending against mobs and collecting weapons.Players: 2-4Playtime: 30-60minsAge: 10+

Dinosaur Island3 of 10

Dinosaur Island

Dinosaur Island is all about building up and managing a dinosaur park (with less bloody results than a certain blockbuster franchise). Points are scored from collected DNA, dinosaurs created and visitors attracted. It looks like a lot is going on, but it's easy to pick up, highly engaging and well-paced. Players: 2-4Playtime: 90-120minsAge: 6+

Catan4 of 10


The goal of Catan is to build the most advanced civilisation through cooperation and tactical development. It's very intuitive and has a tangibility that makes it an accessible place for older kids to begin transitioning from child-focused games to more strategic titles. It'll keep adults entertained too - it's easy to pick up, but it takes practice to master (this is why you'll find it on our other best board game list).Players: 3-4Playtime: 45minsAge: 10+

Stupid Deaths5 of 10

Stupid Deaths

If there's a streak of black humour running through your household, then Stupid Deaths will be a welcome addition to family game night. The game has players move around the board, chased by the Grim Reaper, voting on whether they think a death is true or false to progress. It features names big and small from across the ages.Players: 2-6Playtime: n/aAge: 12+

Pokemon Monopoly, Kanto Edition6 of 10

Pokemon Monopoly, Kanto Edition

What isn't improved by Pokémon? This is the classic Monopoly game, but the properties have been switched to Pokémon evolutions, the stations for Poké-balls and the utilities for classic characters. Oh, and all the pieces are little Pocket-Monster figures, including Pikachu, Eevee and Bulbasaur.Players: 2-6Playtime: 60-180minsAge: 8+

Marvel Battleworld7 of 10

Marvel Battleworld

Marvel Battleworld is a collectable cooperative adventure game that sees much-beloved MCU superheroes teaming up to defeat Thanos. It's an ever-evolving game, with more expansions and accompanying YouTube episodes due for release that will develop the story. It fulfills two purposes by giving the kids a fantastic game to play and a collection of tiny Funko figures - there are 30 to collect in total.Players: 1-2Playtime: 15-30minsAge: 6+

Forbidden Sky8 of 10

Forbidden Sky

This cooperation game has all players work towards one goal - wiring up the electrics to power a rocket in the face of an incoming storm. It's not an easy task, with junctions and pylons needing to be discovered and physically connected up, but a win feels well earned. Plus, the rocket lights up and makes noises, which is more exciting than we'd care to admit.Players: 2-5Playtime: 60minsAge: 10+

Throw Throw Burrito9 of 10

Throw Throw Burrito

Have you ever been playing a board game and thought to yourself: "This is nice, but I wish I could throw something at my child"? If you have, this game is for you. Throw Throw Burrito is about collecting cards and trying to pelt your opponent with a foam burrito while simultaneously trying to avoid being hit yourself. Don't worry tacticians - there's method to the madness, and it's not all throwing.Players: 2-6Playtime: 15minsAge: 7+

Kids Against Maturity10 of 10

Kids Against Maturity

Cards Against Humanity has a well-earned reputation for being inappropriate at its mildest. Kids Against Maturity takes the same basic question-answer premise and gives it a kid-friendly update. With over 600 cards included, there's plenty of toilet humour, sarcasm and silliness to go around, with even a few innuendos for parents to enjoy (don't worry, it's nothing you wouldn't hear in a Pixar flick).Players: 4-10Playtime: 30-90minsAge: 8+

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