Grant Morrison


Grant Morrison (born 31 January 1960) is a Scottish comic book writer, playwright and occultist. He is known for his nonlinear narratives and counter-cultural leanings, as well as his successful runs on titles like Animal Man, Doom Patrol, JLA, The Invisibles, New X-Men, Fantastic Four, All-Star Superman, and Batman. Morrison has become more involved in screenwriting and has written numerous scripts and treatments. His screenplays include Sleepless Knights for DreamWorks and WE3 for New Line (both in development with Don Murphy producing, John Stevenson is attached as Director for WE3). Most recently he wrote the adaptation of the video game Area 51 home console game for Paramount (in development with CFP Productions producing). Morrison has written a film to be directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer called Sinatoro, to be released in 2012. He is working on another screenplay called Dinosaurs vs Aliens for Sam Worthington's production company Full Clip Production and when that is done he has said he will be working with them again on a screenplay based on the 2000 AD story Rogue Trooper. He has pitched a science fiction television series entitled Bonnyroad to the BBC with director Paul McGuigan and Stephen Fry, which is currently in development. Morrison provided outline story and script work for two video games (Predator: Concrete Jungle and Battlestar Galactica) both by Vivendi Universal, though the finished products often did not contain all his contributions. He has also been a successful playwright, with two plays written for and performed by Oxygen House at the Edinburgh Fringe. The first was Red King Rising in 1989, about the (partly fictional) relationship between Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell and the second in 1990, Depravity about Aleister Crowley. Both plays were critically acclaimed and won between them a Fringe First Award, the Independent Theatre Award for 1989 and the Evening Standard Award for New Drama. A film adaptation of Red King Rising is in discussion. Both plays were included in his collection of prose, Lovely Biscuits released in 1999