The Flash: Star Ezra Miller At Work On A New Script

Ezra Miller as The Flash

by James White |
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For all his speed, the cinematic incarnation of Barry Allen just can't seem to run away from issues with his solo outing. With the Flash movie burning through several directors and enough script drafts to give him a comfortable buffer when he stops, the latest twist in the tale is word from The Hollywood Reporter that star Ezra Miller is working on his own script for the film.

While it looked like the movie starring the Scarlet Speedster was finally getting back on track with the hiring of writer/directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein in January of last year following success with Game Night and their scripting duties on Spider-Man: Homecoming, the result has not been as smooth as Warner Bros. might prefer. Daley and Goldstein were hired because they have a light-hearted take on the character, the better to fit in with the successful direction of Aquaman and the positive early buzz on the funny-with-drama Shazam!. Miller, however, who has played Allen in Batman V Superman and Justice League, is said to be leaning in a darker material. While both approaches could be resonant – Allen does have a tragic backstory and issues to deal with – the appeal of something more like the TV version, which skews towards fun even as it offers some gravitas is clear. Plus, Miller's Barry Allen successfully brought a few giggles to League.

Now, though, he's crafting his own draft, working with comicbook heavyweight Grant Morrison and the result may ultimately decide whether he stays on in the DCEU or decides it's no longer for him. The Reporter has also heard that the "holding deal" on his services expires in May, such is the length of time that the film has been in development. He's supposed to be delivering his version shortly, though if he were going truly method, it should have taken him about 17 seconds to write.

The Flash film remains, for now, in release date limbo, while Shazam! is due out on 5 April.

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