The X-Men TV Spin-Off Adds Sean Teale And Natalie Alyn Lind

Sean Teale and Natalie Alyn Lind

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As Legion continues to air, the behind-the-scenes movement on the other X-Men spin-off TV series (this one set a little closer to the movie universe) proceeds apace. Stephen Moyer joined the pilot earlier this week and now news arrives that Sean Teale and Natalie Alyn Lind are also aboard.

Bryan Singer, who has directed many of 20th Century Fox's mutant movies, is calling the shots for the pilot of the still-untitled new show, which was created by Matt Nix. The concept will see two ordinary parents (Moyer is on as the father) discovering that their children possess mutant abilities. With the government hostile to any powered people, the family must track down an underground network of mutants and help in the battle to survive.

Teale, who has worked on shows such as Skins and Mr. Selfridge, and whose casting was announced by Deadline, will be one of those in the network. While his name is Marcos Diaz, his mutant title is Eclipse, and he can absorb and manipulate photons. An in case you're wondering where he fits in to X-Men continuity; he doesn't – this character was created for the potential series.

The Hollywood Reporter, meanwhile, has the news about Lind, who will be Moyer's daughter Lauren{ =nofollow}, a seemingly perfect child who is already considering colleges, at least until her latent abilities bubble to the surface. Lind has appeared on series including Gotham and iZombie.

The new arrivals join Moyer and others including Blair Redford and Jamie Chung, and the pilot will shoot this year in the hopes of scoring a series slot on Fox TV across the pond.

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