New Bridesmaids Character Banners

Byrne, Wiig, Kemper and co. stand up

New Bridesmaids Character Banners

by Ali Plumb |
Published on

When we first saw the trailer for Bridesmaids, we had our doubts. Girls in wedding dresses suffering from diarrhoea, running into oncoming traffic? Hmm. Well, as it's you, Kristen...

But with a buzz building and a few more clips available online, as well as a new trailer that boasts extra-added Jon Hamm, it seems that we were right to give Kristen Wiig's wedding comedy another chance.

Here we've got five more posters for you, following on from the main one-sheet we saw recently with character banners for each and every leading lady of the group.

It's admirable that they've actually taken the time to do a photoshoot specifically for the press / posters, though the words-over-the-body thing is getting a bit old, no?

Still, pretty ladies! Pretty dresses! Pretty posters! Comedy from the likes of Kristen Wiig and Paul Feig! Chris O'Dowd's in it! Yay!

Bridesmaids is out on June 24.

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