Kevin Conroy, Legendary Batman Voice Actor, Dies Aged 66

Kevin Conroy

by Ben Travis |
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Actor Kevin Conroy – best known as the voice of Batman across various animated series and video games – has passed away at the age of 66, it has been reported.

For 30 years, Conroy lent his voice to the Caped Crusader, debuting in the role in 1992’s acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series. From there, he voiced Bruce Wayne and Batman regularly – in cinematically-released animated film Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm, and other DC Animated Universe series including The New Batman Adventures, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited. He also voiced Batman in animated films Batman & Mr Freeze: SubZero, Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker, and Batman: Mystery Of The Batwoman.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm ©TMDB

Beyond his original vocal performances as Batman through the ‘90s and early ‘00s, Conroy returned to the role in various guises and forms of media. He voiced the Dark Knight in the Christopher Nolan-adjacent animated film Batman: Gotham Knight (set between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight), in the Batman Arkham video game trilogy, as well as playing a multiversal version of Bruce Wayne in live-action during the ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ crossover event in TV’s Arrowverse. Most recently, he voiced Batman in 2019 animated film Justice League vs. The Fatal Five, and in this year’s Warner Bros video game MultiVersus. Conroy, an openly gay man, also wrote a story called ‘Finding Batman’ for this year’s DC Comics Pride anthology.

Away from the cape and cowl, Conroy began his career on Broadway in a 1981 production of Lolita and 1989’s Eastern Standard. He starred as Bart Fallmont on Dynasty in the mid-80s. In recent years, he voiced Mer-Man in Kevin Smith’s Masters Of The Universe: Revelation, having also cameoed in Smith’s Yoga Hosers and Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie. But for the most part, he was Batman – across 15 films, hundreds of TV episodes, and countless fan conventions.

“Kevin was far more than an actor whom I had the pleasure of casting and directing – he was a dear friend for 30+ years whose kindness and generous spirit knew no boundaries,” casting director Andrea Romano said in a statement. “Kevin’s warm heart, delightfully deep laugh and pure love of life will be with me forever.”

Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm
Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm

Conroy’s regular co-star Mark Hamill – who voiced Joker opposite him in various outings – has also paid tribute to the actor. “Kevin was perfection,” he said. “He was one of my favorite people on the planet, and I loved him like a brother. He truly cared for the people around him – his decency shone through everything he did. Every time I saw him or spoke with him, my spirits were elevated.”

His Batman stands as one of the greatest and most beloved incarnations of the iconic character – and he will truly be missed. Our thoughts are with his friends, his family, and his fans.

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