Empire Podcast #578: Alex Winter, Angel Manuel Soto, Phil Lord & Chris Miller

Alex Winter, Angel Manuel Soto, Phil Lord and Chris Miller

by Chris Hewitt |
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Well, look at that: just in time for the Women's World Cup final this weekend, the Empire Podcast scores a hat-trick of lovely guests. (Well, four actually, which is even better!) Chris Hewitt may be off this week, but he continues to haunt the podcast by conducting two of those interviews, a chat about the impact of YouTube with Alex Winter, former Bill and current director of thought-provoking new documentary, The YouTube Effect, and then a fun and insightful talk about Blue Beetle with that film's director, Angel Manuel Soto. And we're also visited for the first time in a while by old pod-chums, Phil Lord & Chris Miller, who tell Ben Travis all about how they produced raunchy talking dog movie, Strays. And there's a bit of Spider-Verse chat as well, because of course there is.

With Chris on a beach, earning 20% (of his Empire salary, so you work out how much that is), Helen O'Hara hosts this week's film-related fun, welcoming James Dyer, Amon Warmann, and Nick de Semlyen into the podbooth, where they talk about Nick's new book, The Last Action Heroes; discuss the dream Q&A they'd love to host; muse on the greatest movie hair; run their collective eye over the week's movie news; and review Strays, Blue Beetle, Hitchcock, Biosphere and Billion Dollar Heist. Enjoy!

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