Doug Liman Directing Tom Cruise’s Space Adventure

Doug Liman; Tom Cruise

by James White |
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The first time we heard that Tom Cruise wanted to shoot a movie in space, we thought it might be him having a joke about how everyone suggests it's the natural evolution of the Mission: Impossible movies. But his plan was confirmed by NASA and Elon Musk's Space X, and is now rocketing forward with Doug Liman attached to direct.

Liman, according to Deadline, has ben involved from the get-go, as the man who directed Cruise on Edge Of Tomorrow and American Made wrote the initial draft of the script and is on as a producer in addition to his other duties. This will not be an easy feat to achieve, even with Cruise's legendary commitment and training, but the plan is for him to go to the International Space Station to shoot. There's no word on whether Liman would also go or whether he'd stay on Earth to oversee the film.

Before anything can happen, both have movies to finish, as Liman has been working for a long time on Chaos Walking, which is scheduled to finally see screens on 22 January, while Cruise will promote Top Gun: Maverick and is eager to resume work on the two new Mission: Impossible films, whose production was shut down by the pandemic.

Somewhere, we picture James Cameron – who talked with Cruise about just such a space adventure years ago – getting green with envy and Christopher McQuarrie breathing a sigh of relief.

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