James Cameron And Tom Cruise Almost Shot A Film In Space Together

James Cameron

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Having already shot a documentary seven miles down in the ocean depths in a solo submarine, it seems only natural that James Cameron could someday end up blasting off into space to film something among the stars. In fact, it’s something that almost happened over a decade ago – in his latest Empire interview to celebrate Empire 30, taking on questions from readers, Cameron claimed he was planning to go to the International Space Station and shoot a movie with none other than Hollywood’s other greatest daredevil, Tom Cruise.

“I actually talked to [Cruise] about doing a space film in space, about 15 years ago,” Cameron told Empire. “I had a contract with the Russians in 2000 to go to the International Space Station and shoot a high-end 3D documentary there. And I thought, ‘Shit, man, we should just make a feature.’ I said, ‘Tom, you and I, we’ll get two seats on the Soyuz, but somebody’s gotta train us as engineers.’ Tom said, ‘No problem, I’ll train as an engineer.’ We had some ideas for the story, but it was still conceptual.”

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Empire – People vs James Cameron

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