Tom Cruise Plans Action Movie Set In Space

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Fallout

by James White |
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It's been something of a running joke around Empire and elsewhere that, ever since he began throwing himself into ever more audacious stunts in the Mission: Impossible movies, Tom Cruise would one day find a way to shoot off into space and film there. Well, according to Deadline, he's in the early stages of planning just that.

Cruise has reportedly been talking to billionaire, inventor, tech envelope-shover and occasional Twitter annoyance Elon Musk about working on a project with his Space X and NASA that would see Cruise making the first narrative film shot in space. It's apparently not for a Mission movie (cue a sigh of relief from Christoper McQuarrie) and there is no studio involved yet as this is at a very tentative early stage. But let's be honest, massive insurance bill aside, what company wouldn't leap at the chance to show the first fictional film actually shot in space, starring Tom Cruise?

This one will no doubt develop further, and we'll be waiting to see if it actually comes to pass. But in a quick update, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine tweeted that Cruise is certainly involved with a plan to shoot on the ISS. Wonder if he'll hang... er... float off of it.

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