Wrong Turn Review

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On his way to a job interview, Chris takes a wrong turn down a rickety mountain road and writes off his car. Luckily he meets up with five stranded campers — but a group of inbred psychos start killing them all.


From Rob Schmidt - the man who rented Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then watched Deliverance, then popped in Friday The 13th for a bit - comes the sensationally irony-free Wrong Turn.

Here, a bunch of clichés clump around a scary forest, being picked off one-by-one by a group of inbred cannibals who may have the butchering skills of Leatherface and clan, but neither the personality nor chill factor.

Sadly, it's like Scream never happened - characters wander off on their own, have sex, dope and death (in that order), and conveniently snuff it according to their billing.

This leaves it to a strangely charisma-free Harrington to come down with a severe case of the MacGyvers, and save Eliza from the cannibal run. And while we're at it, what's the point of casting Buffy's Dushku if she's going to leave the ass-kicking shoes at home?

Still, there are some creepily effective scenes, particularly those set in the daytime (no mean feat) and a surprising amount of gore. But a budding franchise this is not.

It’s better than any of the official <b>Texas Chainsaw Massacre</b> sequels. Which is probably a good thing.