Wrong Turn 4 Trailer Online

UPDATE: Now with added poster

Wrong Turn 4 Trailer Online

by Owen Williams |
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UPDATE: And here's a new poster. Try not to lose your heads with excitement...

It's entirely possible that you're unaware that Rob Schmidt's punchy 2003 Hills Have Eyes knock-off Wrong Turn became a franchise. If so, the just-released, very much not-safe-for-work trailer for **Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings provides a handy recap on what you've been missing.

Wrong Turn's original cannibal slasher shenanigans starred Eliza Dushku and Desmond Harrington, and hauled itself into the realms of quality entertainment by boasting bloody FX work by the great Stan Winston and his team. DTV sequel Dead End is also surprisingly not-bad, and has Rollins in it.

Sadly though, there was a dip in quality for threequel Left For Dead, so anticipation for part four, Bloody Beginnings, is slightly qualified, since it comes from the same creative team. As you might infer from the subtitle, this instalment has gone the prequel route in the belief that we much care about learning the back-story of de facto series icon Three Fingers. Inexplicably, given the outdoor, backwoods, survivalist vibe of the franchise, it seems to be set mostly indoors in an abandoned hospital.

Still, maybe it'll be great! Look out for it in Kim's Video Dungeon this autumn.

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