The Boys Season 4: Billy Butcher Wants To Go Viral In The Explosive, Bloody New Trailer

The Boys Season 4 trailer grab

by James White |
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We've had one trailer already for the fourth season of wild superhero satire The Boys, but with the launch a little more than a month away, the latest look at the show's return is on hand to make sure we don't forget how much blood is in a human body. Because, as per usual, there is plenty of human claret on display in the latest promo for the series…

In Season 4, Claudia Doumit's Victoria Neuman is creeping ever closer than ever to the Oval Office, but the real power behind the (potential) throne is Homelander (Anthony Starr), who has his eyes on yet more control as his own popularity surges despite his crimes. Oh, and he's not above unleashing the rest of The Seven as a set of wrathful gods enforcing his twisted vision for the nation (and the world).

Things are far from rosy for poor old Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), though, as having used Temp V to gain access to superpowers, he's wrecked his body and now faces months to live. Plus, he's lost his gig as The Boys’ leader, as the rest of the team are fed up with his lies. Yet as the stakes get higher, they'll have to find a way to collaborate and save the world — especially since Billy has a plan to utilize the Supe-targeting virus he learned of during the season finale of spin-off Gen V. And let's not forget the V-enhanced farm animals!

The Boys will be back with three episodes on 13 June, followed by one episode weekly with the season finale on 18 July.

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