Pilot TV Podcast #274: Constellation, Breathtaking And The Way. With Guests Jodie Foster And Noomi Rapace

Jodie Foster, Noomi Rapace

by James Dyer |
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Jodie Foster joins us on the show to talk about the grand finale of HBO's True Detective: Night Country (you can watch all six episodes on Sky Atlantic/NOW, which you'll definitely want to do). We get properly into all the twists and turns of that show but don’t worry if you’ve not had a chance to watch the final episode yet, because we’ve put the interview at the very end of the episode with clear spoiler markings. But she’s not the only guest on this week’s show, either, as Noomi Rapace also drops by to talk about Apple’s creepy space-set sci-fi Constellation as well — it begins with talk of whether anyone’s wearing trousers on the Zoom call and all spirals out of control from there.

Elsewhere on this week’s show, we take a look at ITV’s Breathtaking, which recounts the front line struggles of NHS staff during the outbreak of Covid, and we also watch BBC1’s The Way, which sees civil unrest as steelworkers down tools in Port Talbot. Plus Kay has us lamenting those dearly departed shows that ended on cliffhangers that were sadly never resolved.

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