Pilot TV+

Pilot TV Plus

Welcome to Pilot TV+, the new bonus podcast for Pilot TV listeners. If one episode of Pilot a week wasn’t enough for you, we have good news because in addition to the regular Monday podcast, Pilot TV+ will now go out every Thursday, bringing you even more Peak TV chat from the Pilot team. Because you can't watch everything — but you can always listen to more!

Specifically, the Thursday episode will cover off even more of the TV shows you need to see, including the big ones we weren't able to review on Monday's podcast due to embargoes and others we just couldn't fit in. We'll also be introducing a new spoiler chat section, where we get deep into the plot details of the shows we've been watching (with ample warning given in case you've not seen them yet). In addition, Pilot TV+ is the new home of the Pilot Postbag, where we read and address all of your questions and comments. You'll also be able to listen to our dedicated TV spoiler special podcasts on Pilot TV+, inviting you inside in-depth, deep-dive conversations about certain shows, with interviews from key talent, spilling the beans on everything that went into the show and all the major plot surprises.

But that's not all, because you'll also get access to a special Pilot TV+ feed of the regular podcast, which will let you get the jump on non-subscribers with early access to the Monday show, plus you'll be able to to enjoy the regular show, the bonus Thursday show AND the TV spoiler special shows with NO ADS whatsoever.

All this for the almost ludicrously low price of £2.99 a month (or £32.99 a year).


- A bonus Pilot episode every Thursday

- Special episodes including TV spoiler specials

- Early access to the regular podcast

- Ad-free access to all episodes