Lucy Liu Starring In TV Adaptation Of Stephen King Novel Later

Lucy Liu, Stephen King

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Blumhouse has been expanding its terror tentacles into TV for a while now, and already has one Stephen King adaptation in the works. The company as has announced a plan to make a show based on his novel Later, to star Lucy Liu.

Raelle Tucker created the miniseries and wrote the pilot script, adapting King's March 2021 bestseller. Later focuses on Tia, a literary agency owner who is raising her son Jamie alone and finds herself on the brink of professional ruin when her star author client dies before turning out the work that will make her agency financially whole.

Jamie, it turns out, has the supernatural ability to talk to the dead, all of whom tell him the truth. This is very helpful when he talks to the dead author and feeds the contents of the book to his mother, who writes it herself and publishes it under the author’s name, to great success. But this gift can be used for more nefarious purposes. Tia’s police detective girlfriend figures out what the boy can do, and soon the youth gets over his head in the spirit world... Yes, if you've read some King or seen The Shining, you know that youngsters and the supernatural is usually a dangerous combo.

"I’ve wanted to work with Jason Blum for years, and now we have two projects together," King said in a statement. "Go, me!" Blum is equally effusive: "I’ve wanted to work with Stephen King since before I was born, which sounds impossible until you remember that it’s Stephen King."

Liu, meanwhile, most recently worked on Shazam! Fury Of The Gods, due out next year.

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