House Of The Dragon Season 2 Unveils Two Warring Trailers For Team Rhaenyra And Team Alicent

House Of The Dragon: Season 2

by Ben Travis |
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Grab your flame-proof gear, people of Westeros – the great houses are at it again, squabbling over that bloody throne in a blow-up of epic proportions. Yes, House Of The Dragon is gearing up to return for Season 2, escalating the civil war brewing among the extended Targaryen family and their assorted spouses. And after the Season 1 finale brought some significant losses, Emma D’Arcy’s Rhaenyra Targaryen and Olivia Cooke’s Alicent Hightower are going all-out in their fight for dominance. So much so that each gets their own trailer for the new season, promising more personal betrayals and fiery fury.

First, here’s the ‘Black Trailer’, leading on #TeamRhaenyra.

And now, here’s the ‘Green Trailer’, siding on #TeamAlicent.

For anyone who can’t remember, Alicent’s son Aegon Targaryen is the reluctant King in this series – a point which Alicent believes was the dying wish of her husband, Paddy Considine’s late King Viserys. Except, he was actually trying to warn her of the future conflict against the White Walkers that we saw in Game Of Thrones, and so his firstborn daughter Rhaenyra is – rightfully – furious at being usurped to the throne, since Viserys had long made it clear that he wanted her to rule. Throw in a bunch of blonde-haired Targaryen kids with serious personality issues, Rhaenyra’s habit for having kids out of wedlock with Ser Darwin Strong (Ryan Corr), and the fact that everyone in the family has whacking great dragons at their command, and things are about to get seriously messy.

Whatever comes next, expect family feuds, political maneuvering, and dragon-on-dragon brawls – coming to our screens on 16 June. Flame on.

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