Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 2 And 3 Confirmed At Netflix

Avatar: Last Airbender live-action

by Ben Travis |
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In recent years, Netflix has picked up something of a reputation for cancelling shows in their early stages. In recent years, their live-action Cowboy Bebop, Mike Flanagan spook-fest The Midnight Club, and ghost-busting YA drama Lockwood & Co (bring it back, you cowards!) are among those shows to have been cut down after a single season. But the streamer is keen – possibly keener than ever, in a week that’s seen The Brothers Sun confirmed for the Netflix scrap pile – to stress to Avatar: The Last Airbender fans that their live-action take on the Nickelodeon show isn’t going anywhere. Season 1 has evidently been a hit – and so Season 2 and Season 3 will both be in the works.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

As revealed on social media, there’ll be more from Aang and friends down the line – with a poster teasing Earth and Fire emblems for Seasons 2 and 3, respectively. The plan seems to be that Season 3 will mark the final run of the show, and the two seasons are expected to shoot in quick succession so that the young cast can… well, stay young.  The original animated series also ran for three seasons on Nickelodeon, the latter two also themed over the Earth and Fire elements.

For all the shows that have been unceremoniously abandoned, then, Avatar will at least make it to the end on Netflix. After that? Let the speculation over a possible live-action adaptation of sequel series The Legend Of Korra to begin…

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