Agatha All Along Trailer Conjures A Coven Of Chaos In MCU Horror Drama

Agatha All Along

by Sophie Butcher |
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All together now: which shiny new solo MCU TV show trailer have we been waiting to see? It was Agatha All Along, of course! Yes, Kathryn Hahn’s manipulative, Sparky-murdering witch is getting a whole show dedicated to her own brand of chaos magic, which picks up after she was left trapped in Westview by Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) post–WandaVision’s season finale showdown. After Empire exclusively revealed the very first image from the show last week, a full teaser trailer has finally dropped. Watch it below:

As Aubrey Plaza’s character tells us almost a minute in, it appears Agatha is still trapped within Wanda’s spell, with her power taken from her – and going by the crime noir-style opening, Agatha’s transformation into different versions of herself from WandaVision, and some extremely decade-specific clothing throughout the trailer, the new show could reflect some of WandaVision’s format in how it jumped between classic TV genres. Whether she does claw her way out of the spell or not is unclear – but we do know that Agatha manages to ‘get the gang back together’, gathering up new characters played by Heartstopper’s Joe Locke, Patti LuPone, Debra Jo Rupp (who you may remember appeared as one of the Westview residents in WandaVision), and more.

What else is going on is hard to tell, exactly. There’s a lot of traditional witchy stuff (Spells! Broomsticks! Capes with hoods!), hints at violence, Agatha getting her powers back, and true horror moments with some kind of screaming demon, and possessed crab-scuttling. And didn’t we hear that this is a musical? Clearly, with Agatha All Along, all bets are off – but from this trailer, it looks like one helluva ride.

Agatha All Along is streaming on Disney Plus from 18 September.

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