The Best Apple AirTag Holders And Cases

Apple AirTag Holders And Cases

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In April 2021, Apple unveiled the AirTag. A tiny and inconspicuous tracking device, the AirTag helps users keep an eye on their most essential and valuable items. It communicates its location with the Apple Find My app. In doing so, an AirTag can help a user keep track of their items, and locate them when they are lost or stolen.

An Apple AirTag doesn’t use GPS to track its location. Instead, it uses Apple’s U1 chip, a proprietary ultra-wideband technology that creates a network based on peer-to-peer communication between all Apple devices. It also boasts an NFC Precision Mode for iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 with pinpoint accuracy for locating misplaced items.

The Apple AirTag is available from Amazon UK. A single AirTag retails for £29, while an AirTag four-pack costs £99 (prices correct at time of writing).

As a standalone device weighing only 11g and with a diameter of only 32mm, the AirTag can slip into a wallet or bag with ease. For more versatility, there are many official and third-party cases and holders available. These can anchor the AirTag to keyrings, backpacks, bikes and pet collars for added convenience and tracking potential.

To help the best carry option for you, we’ve rounded up the best Apple AirTag holders and cases below.

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Note: These listings are for the holders and cases only. The Apple AirTag is sold separately.

Apple AirTag Leather Loop

Rrp: £35.00

Price: £35.00


The Apple AirTag Leather Loop allows you to strap an AirTag to larger anchor points, such as

Apple AirTag Loop

Rrp: £35.00

Price: £33.99
Alternative retailers£35.00View offer
Jacamo£35.00View offer
JD Williams£35.00View offer


Offering the same basic functionality as the Apple AirTag Leather Loop, the Apple AirTag loop


The official Apple AirTag Key Ring allows you to attach the little Apple tracker to luggage zips,


If price is of no object and fashion is of the highest order, then towards the Apple AirTag

Caseology Vault Case
Price: £10.99


This AirTag case is a third-party option from Caseology, a brand known for its protective

Tag-A-Wallet Apple AirTag Credit Card Case
Price: £11.33+


The Tag-A-Wallet AirTag case is a discreet and secure method of keeping tabs on your cards, ID and


Serving as a high-quality alternative to the official Apple cases, the Nomad Leather AirTag


The Roxxlyn case is made from TPU and connects to objects via a key ring. For a truly unique look,

Belkin AirTag Case with Strap

Rrp: £11.99

Price: £6.40
Alternative retailers
Currys£11.99View offer


Belkin is bucking the trend slightly by releasing an AirTag case that connects to anchor points

Belkin AirTag Case with Keychain

Rrp: £11.99

Price: £6.99
Alternative retailers
Currys£10.99View offer


This option is from the same range as the Belkin AirTag Case with Strap, with a keyring that

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