Christmas Gift Guide 2019: Sci-Fi Movies

Captain Marvel

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From retro-futuristic classics to the very latest visionary blockbusters, science-fiction is one of the most versatile genres out there – able to deliver epic intergalactic action as well as introspective meditations on the human condition (occasionally at the very same time). 2019 has been a great year for the genre, bringing erotic outer-space odysseys, charming coming-of-age adventures, and long-awaited adaptations of cult sci-fi writings.

Looking to pick up a great science-fiction movie for your friends or family this Christmas? Empire has hand-picked some of the very best discs out there, from this year’s best releases to shiny new reissues of beloved favourites. Read the full list below.

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Christmas Gift Guide 2019: Sci-Fi Movies

High Life, £12.751 of 14

High Life, £12.75

Claire Denis' sensory sci-fi art movie goes to some truly out-there places – following a space-ship packed with criminals heading into a black hole, and more zero-g masturbation than you can shake a stick at. It won't be for everyone, but for those who like their science fiction big on ideas and unexpected imagery, it's a fascinating, utterly original

Captain Marvel, £9.992 of 14

Captain Marvel, £9.99

The MCU heads back into cosmic territory for the origin story of Carol Danvers – taking in alien shape-shifters, supernova-level powers, and Goose the loveable Flerken. With a time-twisting non-chronological narrative, it's also some of the most ambitious storytelling within the

Bumblebee, £6.993 of 14

Bumblebee, £6.99

Easily the most charming Transformers movie, '80s-set spin-off Bumblebee has more in common with E.T. or The Iron Giant. Hailee Steinfeld is teenager Charlie, whose first car turns out to be the titular robot in disguise. Old-school fans will get a kick out of the G1 Transformer designs, and glimpses of the war on

Alita Battle Angel, £9.994 of 14

Alita Battle Angel, £9.99

James Cameron's long-gestating passion project finally emerged this year, with the filmmaker producing and Robert Rodriguez on directorial duties. As you'd expect from a Cameron production, there are eye-catching visuals – especially the lush, South American-inspired post-post-apocalyptice world – and exciting action in the futuristic violent Motorball

RoboCop – Arrow, £24.995 of 14

RoboCop – Arrow, £24.99

Paul Verhoeven's gleefully violent satire is an outright classic – now released in a shiny new restoration from Arrow Video, presented in the theatrical and director's cut. Plus it comes with a brand new booklet, art cards, a double-sided poster, and deluxe packaging. I'd buy that for a dollar!

Annihilation, £6.996 of 14

Annihilation, £6.99

Following up Ex_Machina was never going to be an easy task – but Alex Garland's second film as director is another stunner. Natalie Portman is scientist Lena, who ventures into shimmering contamination site Area X to find out what happened to her husband. Thought-provoking, unsettling, and with a mesmerising final act sure to be discussed for years and

Glass, £9.997 of 14

Glass, £9.99

After the surprise reveal that Split was set in the same universe as 2000's Unbreakable, M. Night Shyamalan completed his stealth trilogy with Glass – bringing together Samuel L. Jackson's titular super-villain, Bruce Willis' Overseer, and James McAvoy's Horde for a psychological

Aniara, £14.998 of 14

Aniara, £14.99

Based on a Swedish poem, this Scandi science-fiction drama is one of space-bound existentialism. The title refers to the ship carrying a group of humans fleeing from Earth to a new colony on Mars – but when an accident sends the ship off-course with little hope of correction, the passengers are forced to reckon with their new

Upgrade – Second Sight, £21.999 of 14

Upgrade – Second Sight, £21.99

Saw and Insidious co-creator Leigh Whannell leaves the horror genre behind for this brutal sci-fi actioner. Logan Marshall-Green is quadriplegic widower Grey, whose revolutionary body-controlling computer implant STEM allows him to track down his wife's killers – and take them out with stone-cold efficiency. A treat for fans of RoboCop and Dredd, now in a limited edition Blu-ray

Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut 4K, £19.9910 of 14

Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut 4K, £19.99

As Damon Lindelof continues the iconic alt-America vigilante story on HBO, Zack Snyder's largely-faithful adaptation of the original Alan Moore comic gets the ultimate release for die-hard fans. Not only presented in 4K, the Ultimate Cut is a three-and-a-half hour version comprising the extended director's cut, plus the animated Tales Of The Black Freighter segments edited into the

Star Trek: The Kelvin Timeline 4K, £3511 of 14

Star Trek: The Kelvin Timeline 4K, £35

One of the smartest decision JJ Abrams' 2009 Star Trek cinema reboot made was to spin off into its own timeline – leaving the original Gene Roddenberry saga untouched. Thus we have the Kelvin Timeline box set, comprising the 2009 Trek, plus Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond, in dazzling 4K

Children Of Men – Arrow, £9.9912 of 14

Children Of Men – Arrow, £9.99

Alfonso Cuaron's dystopian thriller is a contemporary sci-fi classic – that's so realistic, it barely feels like fiction at all. Set in a future where humanity has suddenly become infertile, society is breaking down. But when Clive Owen's activist Cleo comes into contact with a miraculously pregnant woman, he's tasked with escorting her to safety. This Arrow Academy release is ideal for collectors, and has plenty of extras to sink

Flight Of The Navigator – Second Sight, £33.0413 of 14

Flight Of The Navigator – Second Sight, £33.04

A firm mid-'80s favourite, Disney's alien abduction adventure gets a spruced-up Blu-ray from Second Sight – including a 100-page book with original storyboards and essays, a reversible poster, and premium packaging. And it's never looked better thanks to a newly-restored

Alien 40th Anniversary Edition 4K UltraHD, £17.9514 of 14

Alien 40th Anniversary Edition 4K UltraHD, £17.95

In space, nobody can hear you scream. Ridley Scott's classic sci-fi-horror remains just as terrifying – and eerily mysterious – 40 years later. And thanks to a new 4K release, it's never looked better

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