The Truth About Charlie Review

Truth About Charlie, The
In this remake of ’60s classic Charade, Regina Lambert returns to Paris to discover her husband has been murdered. According to the police, a US agent and an attractive stranger, he had stolen a fortune which was due to be shared with the unsavoury charac

by William Thomas |
Published on
Release Date:

16 May 2003

Running Time:

104 minutes



Original Title:

Truth About Charlie, The

It's a brave actress who takes on a role previously immortalised by Audrey Hepburn, and perhaps an even braver director who tries to give a successful, straightforward romantic thriller a surreal modern edge.

In fact, throughout The Truth About Charlie, it's often hard to fathom exactly what Jonathan Demme is trying to achieve. Brief episodes of tricksy camera work and self-consciously off-beat dialogue are interspersed with would-be romantic interludes and - oh - was that an attempt at comedy?

Crucially, the cheeky charm that Charade's leads brought to their banter-fuelled adventures is totally absent here: Newton struggles vainly with a flat script and a miscast love interest (Wahlberg, in one of his worst performances to date).

Even so, had this remake concentrated solely on being a solid thriller, it could have passed muster. But as it is, the truth is that it's a victim of its own ambitions.

A confused tone, pointless peripheral characters, experiments in style and what seems to be severe over-editing distract from a potentially involving plot.

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