Ride Along Review

Ride Along
Ben Barber (Hart), a high-energy security guard, tags along with his prospective brother-in-law James Payton (Ice Cube) for a 24-hour patrol around Atlanta. Hoping to prove himself worthy of Payton's sister (Sumpter), he over-reaches when crime comes to call...

by James White |
Published on
Release Date:

28 Feb 2014

Running Time:

100 minutes



Original Title:

Ride Along

Pairing Ice Cube's gruff persona with Kevin Hart’s motor mouth must have seemed like a great idea on paper. Yet while the film has been a big hit in the States, box-office success is not always an indicator of a memorable or classic comedy, and the mismatched-buddy-cop antics on display here rarely rise above the chuckle level despite the charisma factor. Even that isn’t enough to carry a film that slogs through a script structure so musty you wonder if it wasn’t discovered in an Egyptian tomb. Kevin Hart is a star in the making, but this particular vehicle needed better wheels.

The Pesci-in-Lethal-Weapon premise is spun out into a feature-length jamboree of minor laughs and clunkiness.
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