Tim Story Directing Tom And Jerry Movie

Tom And Jerry

by James White |
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Tim Story

Warner Bros. has had plans to bring Tom And Jerry back to cinemas for a few years, looking to set them up in a live-action/CG characters family movie. Now we know hat Ride Along director Tim Story will be in charge of making that happen.

The latest cinematic adaptation of the classic Hanna-Barbera cat-and-mouse slapstick comedy cartoons has been in the works at Warners since at least 2009. And while the idea of having them in a live-action world with real-life actors around them feels a little odd given the fluid nature of the comedy and action in a typical cartoon, the studio is at least being smart and stopping short of giving them voices beyond the odd yelp or shout. So don't expect Kevin Hart and Ice Cube to be hitting the recording booth any time soon.

Story has just worked on a new Shaft for the studio and, according to Variety, was asked what he might be interested in next. He's apparently a big fan of the duo, and agreed to take on the job. The cameras are expected to crank next year.

In related 'toon news, Warners is also bringing Chris Columbus aboard the latest Scooby Doo animated movie – he won't write or direct, but will instead act as creative producer for the film, which is now expected to arrive in 2020. After all, the man who wrote Gremlins and helped give Harry Potter his start in movies knows a thing or two about entertaining family fare...

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