Martyrs Review

A young woman who has been brutally abused and traumatised when younger makes friends with a kindred soul in a home but ends up dragging her into a revenge scenario which gets more and more horrific.

by Simon Crook |
Published on
Release Date:

27 Jan 2009

Running Time:

95 minutes



Original Title:


Nearly banned in France, uncut over here, Pascal Laugier’s film arrives with a dare-you-see-it? reputation — and it’s a work of rare, raw, brutal brilliance. Martyr’s macabre universe of child abuse, bloody reprisal and death cults is actually three movies in one — grisly revenge picture, visceral ghost story and extreme torture horror; an unflinching intensity, strong performances and a distressing twist cage it all together. Be warned: the final third is a harrowing test of stamina. Stick it out, and the provocative pay-off blends terror with the transcendent. Laugier’s remaking Hellraiser next: be very afraid...

Not for the faint-hearted, this is powerful at times but brutal at every turn.
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