Inbetweeners Review

Following a few weeks in the life of some British University 'freshers' - parties, conversations, general work avoidance.

by Chris Hewitt |
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19 Aug 2011



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Shot entirely on a digital camera for just £30,000, Darren Paul Fisher's debut 'comedy' purports to be the first EVER movie to realistically depict the British University Experience. One would hope that there won't be a second, as this manages to make college seem dull and unappealing, no mean feat.

Produced - incredibly - by former Radio One DJ, Peter Powell, this is a plotless, poorly written attempt to combine Dogme techniques with sub-Kevin Smith witticisms, featuring actors who belong in the store window at Ikea. The dialogue is stilted, the comedy appallingly executed, and even the much-vaunted digital photography is horribly murky.

The meagre budget would be a mitigating factor, if only the direction weren't so stodgy, stagy and uninspired.

Avoid like exams.
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