Black Christmas Review

Black Christmas
A sadistic killer taunts the occupants of a sorority house over the Christmas break before slaughtering them one by one.

by Kat Brown |
Published on
Release Date:

15 Dec 2006

Running Time:

NaN minutes



Original Title:

Black Christmas

Perfectly timed for those who find Christmas as appealing as the flu, this remake of the seminal 1974 slasher takes snow, presents and egg-nog  and mixes them up with a deranged serial killer bringing a different sort of surprise to a sorority house.

With all but two male characters taken out of the updated plot, the ladies have to be more resourceful than in the original, but despite the presence of several seasoned scream queens, the deaths still come faster than the snowstorm outside. The original gave John Carpenter most of his ideas, so expectations are high. However, what starts off as a smart bit of female arse-kicking quickly becomes a pile of slush that wouldn’t chill a snowman.

Bad film fans will think Christmas has come early, everyone else should ask for the receipt.
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