Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland Review

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
A young woman dreams of following a flustered rabbit into the dream-world of Wonderland.

by DG |
Published on
Release Date:

01 Jan 1972

Running Time:

92 minutes



Original Title:

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

Despite a poor transfer, this remains one of the most spirited and vivid adaptations of Lewis Carroll's classic fairy tale. It boasts impeccable production values - gorgeous cinematography, striking sets, John Barry's wonderfully dream-like score bolstered by Don Black's memorable songs - and a high-calibre cast stuffed with British stars (Michael Crawford as the White Rabbit, Dudley Moore as the Dormouse, Peter Sellers as the March Hare, Spike Milligan as the Gryphon - all masked by Stuart Freeborn's elaborate animal prosthetics).

A 16-year-old Fiona Fullerton puts in a graceful performance as Alice, while director William Sterling displays great fidelity to Carroll's original story and sincerity shines though every grainy frame.

A treat for Alice-fans of all ages.

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