Johnny Depp To Play Mad Hatter?

In Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland

Johnny Depp To Play Mad Hatter?

by Olly Richards |
Published on

A rumour has been circulating very rapidly around the internet that Johnny Depp is set to team up with Tim Burton for a seventh time, playing The Mad Hatter in Burton's take on Alice In Wonderland.

Is the rumour true? Well, it's certainly not confirmed, but we heard talk of it not so long ago at Pinewood Studios, where the film is set to shoot (the UK facility has become a favourite of Burton, who also shot Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Sweeney Todd there) which leads us to believe it's very probable. Also, it's a Burton film so would a Depp cameo be particularly surprising? We must stress again that this is not definite and Disney could not confirm it. So just consider this highly likely and keep your fingers crossed that it happens.

A few sites have expressed reservations, saying that the role would be too close to Willy Wonka. Seriously? This is Johnny Depp, the man who can play infinite shades of mental, so we have no doubt that his take on the barking mad tea-lover would be a unique and beautiful snowflake. Sounds like perfect casting to us, so what do you think?

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