Zack Snyder Is Raising An Army

More zombies for the Dawn, 300 director

Zack Snyder Is Raising An Army

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300 has declared victory over box offices worldwide, and he should be knuckling down on Watchmen, but it seems there's no stopping Zack Snyder at the moment. He's just announced his plans to create Army Of The Dead, which he'll produce with his wife Deborah for their company Cruel & Unusual Films.

Having made his mark in feature films woth the 2004 remake of Romero's Dawn Of The Dead, Snyder hasn't decided yet if he wants to direct this project, but either way, it appears that Army will not be a direct sequel to his version of Dawn. The story, which is being written by Joby Harold, follows a father and daughter living in a quarantined zone – Las Vegas – as he tries to prevent her seemingly imminent demise.

The filmmaker is also undecided on what style the film will utilise – it'll probably incorporate the green screen style of 300, but to what degree remains under a big ol' question mark. Snyder is looking to begin shooting Watchmen at the end of this summer for a mid 2008 release, so there's loads of time for him to make up his mind. Stay focused on Watchmen, Zack! Stay focused!

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