World War Z Trailer Invades The Web

Can Pitt stop zombies?

World War Z Trailer Invades The Web

by James White |
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brightcove.createExperiences();Welcome to what has apparently been decreed Zombie Day online. Already we’ve seen the** Warm Bodies** trailer, Scientific American has written about a zombie-ant fungus, and now comes the first big promo for what promises to be a divisive but spectacular outing next year: World War Z.

Adapted from Max Brooks’ continent-skipping docu-style novel, Brad Pitt stars as Gerry Lane, a devoted husband and father who has also done work for the government and military.

We meet Gerry, his wife Karen (Mireille Enos) and their kids on the day when the zombie apocalypse really kicks off, in an effectively tense scene. Soon, billions are dying or have been turned into hordes of fast, slavering flesh-eaters.

Gerry is recruited to try to help deal with the disaster, and heads off to visit various flashpoints. He also appears to spend a lot of his time running from waves of zombies. Well, you would, wouldn’t you?

From the looks of this, the writers, including Damon Lindelof, Matthew Michael Carnahan and more, have turned the book’s story into more of an action film with Pitt personally facing down far more creatures than the novel’s story. And of course now the enemy dubbed 'Zack' is now frighteningly fast as well as worryingly ubiquitous.

The big question will be whether this can defeat the wave of questionable buzz about problems and re-shoots. It certainly looks big in scale at least… World War Z hits on June 21.[[Poll820]]

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