World Exclusive: The New Hot Fuzz Blog

Pegg & Frost’s trip to the London Expo

World Exclusive: The New Hot Fuzz Blog

by Willow Green |
Published on

If you’ve been suffering Hot Fuzz video blog withdrawal symptoms, then we’ve got the perfect solution to those cold turkey blues. Behold the new Hot Fuzz blog, exclusive only to Empire Online.

This latest instalment in the ongoing story of the making of next February’s eagerly-awaited action comedy sees stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost travel to the London Expo, deep in the kidneys of our glorious capital, where they took part in a Hot Fuzz Q&A, showed some clips ne’er before seen on these shores, threw a bunch of T-shirts to marauding fans, signed some stuff and answered the inevitable question: will there be a third series of Spaced? (Answer: probably not)

To check out the merriment, as shot by Hot Fuzz documentarian Dan Mudford, simply click on this link and enjoy. Keep an eye out for brief appearances by Empire’s very own Chris Hewitt, who chaired the Q&A and can be seen laughing sycophantically in the background.

Oh, and if you weren’t able to get along to the London Expo, and feel that you want to meet Simon & Nick and immerse yourself in some hot fuzziness, then they’re doing it again this Saturday – only this time at the Collectormania event at the G-Mex Centre in Manchester! (Again, Chris will be hosting the Q&A; he may or may not have copies of Empire with him)

Click here to find out more about the Collectormania event, which this year features personal appearances from Dirk Benedict, Jeremy Bulloch and at least two Doctor Whos!!!

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