World Exclusive Death Race Clip

The Stath ain’t playing…

World Exclusive Death Race Clip

by Glen Ferris |
Published on

Blood, bullets, burnin’ rubber and the presence of the almighty gravelly-voiced action man that is Jason Statham.. it’s like they entered our brains and stole the plans for our perfect movie.

As The Stath gears up to cause all manner of vehicular-based mayhem in Death Race, we’ve got our hands on a World Exclusive clip from Paul W. S. Anderson’s upcoming remake. Be warned, there’s violence and swears (and a plot spoiler).

In the movie, Statham plays a prisoner who, days from being released, is forced by warden Joan Allen to join his fellow inmates in a deadly car race in which there can be only one winner.

Shaping up to be a fun mix of big bangs and over-the-top violence, we’ve got this filed firmly under big, dumb fun.

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