No Wonder Woman For Whedon

Joss is off the project

No Wonder Woman For Whedon

by Willow Green |
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There's nothing we love here at Empire Towers than a bit of Joss Whedon news. OK, maybe biscuits and Animaniacs. But few things. We do not, however, like sad Joss Whedon news. And the news that Buffy's dad is no longer in line to write and direct the big screen version of Wonder Woman is very bad news indeed. Very very bad.

Whedon revealed the news on fansite (you can read his full post here). Whedon said that he and Warner Bros "just saw different movies" and that they have amicably gone their separate ways.

Whedon has been attached to the project for two years and it seemed that things were moving along ok, but, alas and alack, that was not the case. Last week news broke that Warner Bros had quietly acquired a Wonder Woman script that had been doing the Hollywood rounds. This appeared to be a move to stop comparisons and possible court cases. Now, who knows? Has this script been picked up for production?

So what next for Whedon? Well he seems fairly pleased with the outcome (won't you consider us Joss? What about us?) and says this will now allow him to move on to polishing Goners, a supernatural thriller he's been developing. As for Wonder Woman, she'll have to wait a little longer before pulling on her star spangled pants once more.

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