Will Smith Takes Seven Pounds

Pursuit of Happyness team reunite

Will Smith Takes Seven Pounds

by Olly Richards |
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If someone gets you nominated for an Oscar, it's a good idea to stick close to them. That's exactly what Will Smith is doing by reuniting with Pursuit of Happyness director Gabriele Muccino for Seven Pounds.

Smith will play a man who inadvertently falls in love while he's trying to kill himself. There is no suggestion of what the title refers to. Are we missing something? It's definitely not the weight of the human soul, because that weighs 21 gramms, which is a lot less than seven pounds. Maybe he's suicidal because that's all he has left in his bank account, in which case, we sympathise at the end of every month.

Smith is choosing some pretty dark material of late. And we like it. I Am Legend, the story of the last man left in a world ravaged by a vampire-like virus, is all set for release at the beginning of next year. He's currently filming Hancock, which is a superhero movie, but one in which the hero just wants to get laid, if only he could find a woman who could cope with the force of his superpowered orgasms (hence the original title, Tonight He Comes. Seriously). Incidentally, Muccino was originally set to direct that movie, but left over creative differences to be replaced by Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights).

Mr Smith, we salute you and your fine choices.

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