Weekly news round-up: Idris Elba returns as Luther and Ridley Scott re-ups on Alien

Idris Elba as Luther

by Phil de Semlyen |
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This week in news: Luther and Terrence Malick return with new trailers, Ridley Scott screams back into space and Cap and Tony fall out

Cap in Captain America Civil War

Bucky Done Gone

The bromance, such as it was, is officially over. The trailer for Captain America: Civil War broke and showed Earth’s Mightiest Heroes having the world’s biggest falling-out. Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are the two old friends torn apart by life, the universe and everything. Admittedly, Bucky Barnes didn’t seem to be helping much either.

Tom Cruise in talks for The Mummy

Mummy Dearest

He’s not the first name in horror – unless you’ve seen Tropic Thunder recently – but Tom Cruise is reportedly in talks to join Universal’s reboot of The Mummy. Spearing the studio’s monsterverse, that also includes Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster and the Wolfman, Cruise will hope to bring his Mission: Impossible heat to a modern-day telling of the Band-Aid bothering ancient.

The name’s Luther, John Luther

London’s coolest (and shoutiest) cop is back on our screens this Christmas, just in time to haul Santa down to the station and hit him with a phone book. John Luther’s latest case is teased in a new trailer than showcases all the great man's gritty police work and haphazard personal life. Altogether now… Loooooooooofah!

Christian Bale in Knight Of Cups

Dark Knight of Cups?

Feel like meditating on the nature of life with a gentle breeze on your neck and your hand brushing gently over a handily-place cornfield? That’s probably because there’s a Terrence Malick film on the way. Do not be alarmed. These symptoms are perfectly normal and can be alleviated by a few viewings of the new trailer for the Christian Bale-starring Knight Of Cups.

Ridley Scott on Alien

Prometheus and Prometheuser

First there was Prometheus and Neill Blomkamp’s Alien reboot. Then there was Prometheus and Alien: Covenant. Now, Ridley Scott is promising Prometheus, Alien: Covenant and then two more films before finally linking with the original Alien. Confusing? A bit. Here’s what the man himself had to say about it.

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