Wednesday’s News Round-Up (March 7)

Gump, Dead, Cloaks!

Wednesday's News Round-Up (March 7)

by Willow Green |
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**Forrest Gump II: Gumption **

Here’s a weird one for you. Remember that Oscar-winning wally from ALABAMA!? Well, Cinema Blend are reporting that a reliable but anonymous source, has stated that he might be making a comeback. Yes, Forrest Gump, Robert Zemeckis/Tom Hanks’ 1994 mega-hit, could well be getting a sequel. Apparently, a second outing for the running fool has been mooted for quite some time and in 2001, Eric Roth was commissioned to write a script. So having been trapped in development hell fot the last six years, it’s now reported that Roth’s dusty screenplay is back on Steve Tisch and Wendy Finerman’s (Gump’s producers) desk. There’s currently no word on Tom Hanks returning to reappraise his lead role as the hapless Forrest. Based on Winston Groom’s follow up novel Gump & Co, the story sees Forrest once again stumble through another few decades of historical landmarks. This time it’s the eighties and nineties, which probably means we’ll see him squeeze Ronald Reagan’s bum, trundle across Tiananmen Square, accidentally re-build the Berlin wall and invent Sonic The Hedgehog. Either that or he’ll just start running again.

**Bring Out Yer’ Dead **

Ron Perlman, Larry Fessenden and Dominic Monaghan have all signed on to star in new horror flick** I Sell The Dead. **Monaghan and producer Fessenden will play grave diggers in 18th Century London. Perlman looks set to join them as a mysterious priest. Production is to begin in May, which is nice, as Perlman doesn’t start shooting Hellboy 2 until the end of the month and Monaghan will be on a break from Lost. Classic scheduling.

Star Wars Uncloaked

The cloak worn by Obi–Wan Kenobi in that space trilogy, has been sold at auction for £54,000 ($104,000). Described by some as a “plain, brown robe”, Alec Guinness’ infamous hooded garment went missing for thirty years – only re-appearing two years ago following a company stock check. The item was sold to an anonymous telephone bidder earlier today. Although the identity of the lucky buyer is to remain secret, some reports suggest the voice on the end of the line was deep, somewhat muffled, and punctuated by bouts of heavy respirator-enhanced breathing.

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