Wednesday’s News Round-Up (February 21)

Youtube, Lions and Rambo vs...

Wednesday's News Round-Up (February 21)

by Willow Green |
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Youtube-ing It To Hollywood

That indefatigable modern haven/resource/silly place, Youtube, is used for many things. And getting a job seems to be one of the most popular. Do you remember the tale of Bree - known to the world of interwebs as Lonelygirl15? You know, fifteen-year old girl from New Zealand vents spleen in online video diary, gets the attention of the world’s press then actually turns out to be an actress. Well, Lonelygirl15 – real name Jessica Rose – has now landed a role in Lindsay Lohan’s new movie I Know Who Killed Me. Moviehole reports that she’s already filmed her first scenes, so you can expect to see the trailer on Youtube within the next fifteen seconds.

Getting Real On Rambo

Following yesterday’s news that Sly Stallone might be sticking with the winning firstname+surname formula of Rocky Balboa, and titling the fourth instalment of Rambo John Rambo, in rockets the news that a retired Shan resistance officer has been cast as the Vietnam vet’s nemesis. Forty-year old Burmese soldier, Sai Mawng, was chosen from among 2-300 applicants and according to Burmanet, “looks nasty enough” to play a ruthless Burmese Commander in the movie. The film has already begun shooting in Northern Thailand and will be released next year.

**Cruising With The Lions **

Tom Cruise has been back in front of the (movie) cameras this week, as principal photography began on Lions For Lambs. Joined by Meryl Streep and director Robert Redford, this multi-continent, plot-weaving drama has been shooting for less than an month, but Cruise’s return to the world of staunch political cinema – one he hasn’t visited since 1989’s Born On The Fourth Of July – is already getting tongues a-wagging. But with a US release date of November 9, it’s going to be a long time before we see whether Redford’s take on America’s War On Terror will push The World’s Biggest Movie Star™ into some exciting, uncharted waters.

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