Wednesday News Round-Up (31 Jan)

Sena! Polo! And other stuff too!

Wednesday News Round-Up (31 Jan)

by Willow Green |
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Dominic Sena, the director of top notch guilty pleasure Swordfish, is set to strike again. Sorry, that should read ‘direct again’. This time, he’ll helm Whiteout, a thriller starring Kate Beckinsale as a hotshot lawyer who is soaked in radioactive Tipp-Ex and becomes a crimefighter by night. That’s not the actual plot of the movie, but it damn well should be. The actual plot, by the way, is some gubbins about a detective investigating a murder in the Antartic, as the sun is about to go down… for six months!

DreamWorks have picked up Gullible’s Travels, a sci-fi comedy about a man travelling through time on a portable potty. When he meets different versions of the same woman in the past, present and future, he convinces himself he’s meeting the woman AND her relatives, because he’s gullible, see? And he travels! So... Gullible’s Travels!

Teri Polo has announced that she’s set to reprise her role as The Wife Of Ben Stiller (seriously, does anybody remember her character’s name?) in Meet The Little Focker, the third in the Meet The Parents trilogy. Hey, who needs De Niro and Stiller? Polo's on board! Aces!

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