Washington and Scott Taking Pelham 123

Pair reuniting for remake

Washington and Scott Taking Pelham 123

by Olly Richards |
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You know that list of pre-strike priority movies that was doing the rounds last week and that you can read all about here? Well, one of them is really definitely happening. And, if you're quietly muttering to yourself, 'Please let it not be Birdcage 2. Please let it not be Birdcage 2', then you're in luck.

Tony Scott is, according to the good people at ew.com, remaking The Taking Of Pelham 123. The 1974 original was about four gunmen holding the passengers of a subway train to ransom and a cop, played by Walter Matthau, trying to stop them and work out why the hell people would hijack something that makes a rather unpractical and predictable getaway vehicle. So, who do you turn to when you want a Walter Matthau type? Yes, it's Denzel Washington.

This will be the fourth time Scott and Washington have worked together, after Crimson Tide, Man on Fire and Deja Vu. The two should make a fantastic team for this, with Scott's way with tension and Washington's way with looking really troubled and yet effortlessly cool. He'll just need to work on his jowls and generally looking like Droopy to get the Walter Matthau vibe down though.

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