Warwick Davis Cast In Prince Caspian

He's the latest name on board

Warwick Davis Cast In Prince Caspian

by Willow Green |
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There’s been a lot of Prince Caspian casting news this week – including the title role itself – but we’ve held off on reporting on it so far because we were waiting for the addition of an actor without whom no fantasy movie is complete. And today brought us that glorious news.

Yes, Warwick Davis – the man who is Wicket the Ewok, who is Professor Flitwick, the man who is Marvin the Paranoid Android and the man who is Mount Doom (ok, so he wasn’t in Lord of the Rings, but we’ll let that franchise off) – has signed on for the second in the Chronicles Of Narnia series, which starts filming in New Zealand any day now.

Davis will play Nikabrik, the Black Dwarf who, along with Peter Dinklage’s Trumpkin (also announced this week) tries to assist the eponymous hero in his bid to claim the throne of Narnia from the villainous General Miraz in the movie, which takes place one thousand years, Narnia time, after The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe.

Young up-and-coming Brit actor Ben Barnes has already been cast as Caspian, who summons the Pevensie children – Edmund, Lucy, Susan, and Peter – to Narnia to help him in his rightful quest. And you won’t be surprised to hear that Aslan the Lion turns up, too. The five actors from the original movie – Skander Keynes, William Moseley, Anna Popplewell, Georgie Henley and Mr. Liam Neeson – will all reprise their roles for returning director, Andrew Adamson.

There are still many roles to be cast – Miraz, for one – but the cast was further bolstered this week by the addition of Vincent Grass as Dr. Cornelius, Caspian’s mentor, and Spanish actress, Alicia Borrachero as Miraz’ wife, Prunaprismia. Needless to say, we’ll let you know the minute that the other roles have been filled. Probably.

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