Video: Patrick Dempsey On Made Of Honour

McDreamy drops in for a chat

Video: Patrick Dempsey On Made Of Honour

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Every groom’s worst nightmare, Patrick Dempsey (aka McDreamy) is not only dashingly handsome and nice but he can also can juggle - so well in fact, that Made Of Honor director Paul Weiland felt he had to weave this talent into one of the scenes in the film.

“What you should do is give him your mics and Dictaphones and see how he does with them. Or perhaps we can get some oranges, it would look great on film - but perhaps not so great for print,” said Weiland, talking at an exclusive screening of the film at London’s Soho Hotel.

As it turned out, Dempsey’s circus skills weren’t the only reason for his casting - the director and star got along famously with Weiland confessing that they “were like naughty schoolboys together.”

With half of the film set in the Scottish Highlands, it was only a matter of time before Dempsey was charged with donning a fetching mini kilt, an article of clothing which he says was “too short” to go for the full Scottish commando.

Currently enjoying his newfound status as Hollywood's romantic leading man of choice (following the success of Enchanted), Dempsey is enjoying a break from playing Dr Derek in the popular TV show Grey’s Anatomy but he promises to reprise the role for a fifth season, following disruption from the writer’s strike. The Blighty-born Weiland, who hasn’t made a film in Hollywood since City Slickers II, relished the fact that he could work in the UK for some of the shoot. He was in LA for eight months on the project, however, a protracted period away from home which prompted his family to ask, “Why are you making a movie about marriage and perfectness, when you’re not here with us?”

However, according to the director, filming on the Isle of Skye wasn’t always a bed of roses either. Particularly when an infestation of midges attacked the shoot. The insect attack reached its worst point when cast member Busy Philipps was due to leave the shoot to get married and was bitten all over her face. As a result, Dempsey rumours a sequel is in the works – according to the actor, it’ll be a horror called “Made Of Honor: Attack Of The Midges.”

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Click below to see McDreamy and Weiland chat about the film.

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