Upside Down Trailer Online

Kirsten Dunst gets dizzy in love

Upside Down Trailer Online

by James White |
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What would you do if the woman you loved lived on a parallel world that hangs just above your own, one that you’re not supposed to visit? If you’re Jim Sturgess and the object of your affection is Kirsten Dunst, you naturally struggle to bridge that gap and go romance her. Such is the basic concept behind Juan Diego Solanas’ Upside Down, which has just shoved a trailer into the world.

The film is set in a universe where two Earths exist – the one above a paradise for the wealthy, full of swanky ballrooms and other luxuries, while the other is more full of poor folk just trying to get by (think Another Earth meets In Time). While the parallel planets largely co-exist peacefully, a spate of robberies on the upper Earth committed by those below mean that border controls tighten.

But that’s no barrier to Adam (Sturgess) who long ago fell for Eve (Dunst) and who will do anything to see her. Cue a story about the literal divide between rich and poor (yep, the political undertone here is clearly about as subtle as a slap in the face from a wet fish but is still intriguing) and lots of running around/jumping between worlds as the star-crossed pair struggle to stay together. Think In Time but with more eye-catching visuals and Dunst putting what she learned snogging an upside down Tobey Maguire in the original** Spider-Man **to good use…

If this trailer perks your interest, you’re likely in for a wait: Upside Down doesn’t have a US or UK distributor just yet, which means no release date has been set.

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